I’ve written for various magazines and websites about my ideas and approach. I love the debate, as this is how we examine and further our perspectives.

  • 220 Triathlon commissioned this article about my first triathlon
  • 220 also asked for my training and nutrition article, although they didn’t print it. I think because it went against what their advertisers tell you, by demonstrating that you don’t need all the latest shiny gear, crap supplements and mega hours of training.
  • On The Next Challenge Tim has posted a few guest blogs that I penned
  • What’s Your Challenge asked me for an article on what ‘being fit’ actually means
  • Escape the City profile about leaving behind what you don’t like, and doing what you love.

Runners World have commissioned an article on my work with the Nepali long distance runners.

UK Adventure Sport Magazine have asked me to write a series of articles on how much training you really need to do, it you use your training effectively. Put simply, quality over quantity.

I am also hoping to write some race reviews of the Himalayan mountain marathons – really hard races, in a beautiful setting. I hope people will see these as an equally challenging, and a more spiritual experience than many of the more popular ‘toughest’ races like the Marathon des Sables. True, that’s a hard race, but there’s a lot more out there.