I have written for several international sports publications, both for technical training and also about adventures.

PT on the Net, the major international on-line resource for trainers and coaches, has published my work on endurance training and nutrition.  I am also a regular contributing author to their forum for trainers and coaches.

Runners World and Endurance Magazine commissioned an article on my experiences training the Neaplis for Project Davos.

220 Triathlon published an article on my Coast to Coast 200 mile off-road triathlon

The prestigious outdoor adventure magazine Outer Edge has published my review of the 1950 French expedition to summit Annapurna.

Inspired by all the overtraining I see triathletes do, UK Adventure Sports Magazine published an article explaining the need to rest as part of your training

Adventure Travel Magazine has published an article on preparation and equipment for running long distance treks.

I continue to contribute to various websites and blogs as a guest author. My favourites for their variety and challenging insights are The Next Challenge and Escape the City.