Jennifer Lynch (Content Director for PTontheNet)
Your work is well-written and scientifically researched.

Laura (current client)
Before training with Rob, I didn't believe it was possible for me to do proper exercise without my knees hurting.

Jo Schoonbroodt (Veteran 100km World Record holder)
I will never forget our journey down from Poon Hill, when I was thinking of giving up.  In my dreams I have lived those 6 hours many times.  The jounrey made me stronger in my mind.

Dave (62 year old marathoner)
I completed a marathon in 4 hours 5 mins, with Rob’s encouragement and help. I have always found that Rob is a very friendly and approachable man, who is always willing to offer useful and inspiring advice to all who seek his help

Zoran (potential Royal Marine Officer)
Rob has provided advice and training programmes for me using anatomy and physiology. I now understand more about which muscles I am using and how they work together. This has been particularly helpful for improving core strength for exercises such as log runs and assault courses. This understanding has also enabled me to perform exercises more carefully using the correct technique

Tim Moss (chief leader for Russian Altai expedition)
What makes Rob's session particularly helpful is the way in which he explains things in simple terms – no jargon or unnecessarily complex descriptions (although I know that he can elaborate when asked!), just a basic explanation in laymen's terms e.g. “If you run like that, then this will hurt, because you're putting extra pressure here”.

Sue (suffered severe back pain for 20 years)
I now feel I understand why I have suffered such pain and discomfort, and now I feel confident to try more jobs in the garden. I definitely get more done, and feel much better about myself.