Multisport, Endurance & Adventures

'Rob helped me understand what the right challenge for me actually was, and how to prepare for it'    Charlie

Endurance is a relative term.  For some it's a 10km run, for others it's an Iron Man, and for a few it's a 3 month Polar expedition.

Whatever your goal, however big your challenge, I can help you prepare, both mentally and physically, using cardiovascular and resistance training.

With big distances and several disciplines to train in, making sure you avoid overtraining is crucial.  It's simply not possible to train your body for three or four sports at the same time.  It is important that your body adapts, your weaknesses overcome, and your confidence brimming. 

How is this achieved?  My years of experience in this field ensure that I can tailor the right training, in the right way for you.

Some of my client's achievements:
  • Iron Man and Half Iron Man finishes
  • Reaching the North and South pole
  • Climbing Mt Everest
  • 2 month mountaineering expedition to the Russian Altai
  • Losing weight to run a 10km
  • Overcoming a plateau in training
  • Learning how to make 7 hours of training per week more effective
  • Running a 4 hour trail marathon after 40 years of inactivity

Contact me for an individual assessment and appropriate programmes to help you reach your goal.