Running Coaching

'Having hated running for such a long time, even my husband is pleasantly surprised, that after a couple of sessions with you I willingly get out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning, irrespective of weather to go for a 90 min run'     Carmen

Running should be a simple, pleasurable activity. It should not hurt or ache, and should feel rhythmical and enjoyable. I have wide experiences in training people to run with no pain and without injury. To run in a way that does not cause injury, and removes regular and long term niggles.

Running Gait Assessment
Running gait (or 'style') is the biggest factor in preventing injuries and making your running more enjoyable.  There's a lot more too it that pronation and supination.  Your feet, knees, hips, core, upper thorax and head are all involved, as is your brain.

Come along for a 1 hour session looking at your running style. We will go through simple improvements that will have a dramatic effect on your running. You will finish this session with a better understanding of what happens in your body when you run, having learnt simple techniques for a more comfortable running style, and ideas of how to train more effectively for your goals.

Running Training Prorgammes
'Just going for a run' is great exercise, however when it comes to running faster or further there is both a science and art involved. Did you know that it is possible to train for a marathon running only 4 hours per week?  It is, if this art and science are applied correctly for you.

I offer tailor made running programmes to suit all abilities and goals. They are designed around your lifestyle so that the training is more enjoyable and less stressful.

Contact me for further information and to book your sessions.