Health, Fitness & Nutrition

CHEK Exercise Coach

The way we move and what we eat are fundamental to the way we feel and think. They are the building blocks of good health.

I use my knowledge of biomechanics, physiology and nutrition to assess what your current ability is, what you’d like it to be, and then coach you through the stages in between.

I train people who are pushing their limits. This includes some pretty burly expeditioners, the Nepali distance running team, and for these kinds of things.

 But pushing your limits is a very personal matter. For some it’s simply reducing stress and back pain to enjoy life more, or managing to run a full 10k without stopping. And I find that just as stimulating and valuable.

 My programmes are tailored specifically to your personal, individual needs. They are fun to do, and there is a purpose behind everything in it, which is clearly explained. This knowledge and understanding is vital if you are to achieve your goals, stay healthy, and integrate it into your lifestyle.